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September 4, 2023

Are you a small business owner seeking professional services to establish your company? Formation agents, like Seed Formations, simplify and expedite the process of company formation, leading to a smoother and more successful business launch. These agents have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the legal requirements and procedures involved, ensuring compliance and accuracy. By leaving the task to professionals, you can save valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Seed Formations is an environmentally-friendly formations agent based in London. With an impressive track record of over 28 years, they’re a known choice for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to establish a strong presence in the UK business market.

More than just a formations agent, they pride themselves on being committed to providing services that go beyond the basics and can form companies in under 24 hours. With a team of experienced professionals, the company offers a solid foundation for business owners and is committed to being a green business, pledging to plant 1 tree seed for every company formed on their site.

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Our comprehensive review will explore everything that Seed Formations has to offer. From their services, pricing and customer service, to what sets them apart from the competition, we’ll break it all down so you can see what you could get for your money.

Online reviews of Seed Formations

We’ve taken a look across various online reviews, such as Trustpilot, Google, and to see what people think about Seed Formations and their services. Here are the ratings we found:

Trustpilot2.3 / 5 (14 reviews)
Google4.7 / 5 (23 reviews)
Reviews.io4.8 / 5 (560 reviews)

Taken together, Seed Formations has an average rating of 3.67/5 across these three review platforms out of a total of 588 reviews.

 Services Offered

At Seed Formations, they go above and beyond mere company formation, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your specific business needs. Here are some of the key services they provide:

  • Company Incorporation: Seed Formations handles the entire company incorporation process, ensuring all legal requirements are met accurately and efficiently.

  • Legal Documentation: Their team assists in preparing the necessary legal documentation, including Articles of Association, Share Certificates, and Memorandum of Association, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Registered Office Address: Seed Formations offers a prestigious registered office address, providing your business with a professional presence and handling official correspondence on your behalf.

  • Non-Resident Services: Seed Formations provides three formation services for non-UK residents, including Non-Resident Limited Companies (LTD), Non-Resident Partnership (LLP), and Limited By Guarantee.

 Additional Services

  • VAT Registration: They guide you through the VAT registration process, ensuring compliance with HM Revenue and Customs regulations and helping your business navigate VAT-related obligations.

  • Ongoing Compliance Services: Seed Formations' dedication to your success extends beyond company formation. They provide continuing support and advice to help you stay compliant with legal and regulatory requirements throughout the life of your business.

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What Sets Seed Formations Apart

Seed Formations pride themselves on being the first and only company formation agent to offer a free unlimited company management service exclusively to their valued customers. This unique offering sets them apart from competitors, as it provides ongoing support to help you maintain legal compliance for your company. With Seed Formations, you can have peace of mind knowing that their dedicated team will assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your business stays on track.

Do I get value for money with Seed Formations?

With their years of experience working with start-up businesses, Seed Formations have carefully crafted each package to meet the specific needs of companies like yours. By choosing Seed Formations, you not only gain access to a comprehensive range of services, but you also receive dedicated support from their knowledgeable team.

It's worth noting that all packages include the £12 Companies House fee, and each bundle offers a different set of features and benefits, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your business requirements. Their pricing structure is clear and straightforward, enabling you to make an informed decision without any hidden costs or surprises.

What are the payment options?

In terms of payment options, Seed Formations provides a secure online payment system. You can conveniently pay for your chosen package using various payment methods, ensuring a smooth and safe transaction process.

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What Information Do I Need to Supply to Seed Formations?

When forming a company with Seed Formations, you will need to provide the following information:

Company name:

Choose a unique and available company name using the company name availability checker provided by Seed Formations.

Registered office address:

You’ll need to supply the legal registered office of the company for public record and government document delivery. If you don't have a registered office address, select a package that includes the use of Seed Formations' registered office address, starting from £17.99.

Business Trading Activity:

Choose a business trading activity for your company which will be publicly listed.

Directors and shareholders:

For Each Director/Shareholder:

  • First name, middle name, last name

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Occupation

  • Country of residence

  • Residential address

  • Director correspondence address (included in some packages)

For Shareholders:

  • Share currency

  • Number of shares

  • Value per share (GBP, EUR, USD)


A UK registered office address. Seed Formations provides the use of their Kings Cross address in their Non-Residents package. ID to verify customer identity may also be required.

Proof of ID:

Acceptable documents include a passport, driving licence (photocard only), national identity card, and other valid forms of identification.

Proof of address:

Suitable documents include telephone bills, utility bills, mortgage statements, council tax bills, or bank statements.

The entire company formation process is digital, eliminating the need for physical presence or printing and signing documents.

Pros and Cons of Seed Formations

Before you decide to go ahead and give Seed Formations your business, it’s important to look at both the pros and cons before proceeding.

Let's take a look at some of the key pros:

  1. Comprehensive services: Seed Formations provides a wide range of services to support your company formation, including company incorporation, preparation of legal documentation, registered office address, and ongoing compliance services. Their packages are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses, offering flexibility and convenience.

  2. Competitive pricing: With affordable online packages starting from as low as £12.49, Seed Formations offers competitive pricing options. They provide transparent pricing structures, ensuring you know what you’re getting for your money.

  3. Wide range of customer service options: Seed Formations trained agents offer unlimited support through live chat, phone, in-person meetings, and even WhatsApp.

  4. Expertise and experience: With over 28 years of experience, Seed Formations has a solid track record in forming companies and supporting new businesses.

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While Seed Formations has numerous advantages, there are also a few disadvantages to consider:

  1. Higher costs for additional services: While their base packages offer competitive prices, some additional services can drastically increase the original price. It's essential to carefully review the pricing details for every service to ensure they align with your budget.

  2. Difficult to get hold of: Although Seed Formations provides many customer support options, some online reviews have shown that it can be challenging to get through to someone: “The company advertises it has a telephone service. Perhaps it has an intermittent one. They were not contactable all day by telephone today. A call was booked for hours ahead but they did not call me.” - Trustpilot review.

  3. Some negative reviews: When looking online, there are a few particularly negative reviews, which would explain the average online rating compared to some other formation agents in the industry.

Overall, Seed Formations offers a wide range of services for company formation in the UK, and their range of packages and competitive pricing are definitely something to consider. However, it's always essential to take note of customer reviews, especially when it comes to something as important as your business.

Unfortunately, while Seed Formations do have some positive reviews, they also have some concerning negative ones, resulting in a lower overall rating than other formation agents within the industry.


In conclusion, Seed Formations offers a wide range of services for establishing a business in the UK. From company formation to ongoing compliance, they provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to get them up and running. In addition, they provide competitive and transparent prices, meaning you know what you're getting and for how much.

Unfortunately, Seed Formations slips up regarding customer service and online reviews. While the agent has a comprehensive list of contact options, online reviews show that some customers have found it difficult to get through to a member of their team. There are also some negative comments regarding their overall level of service.

Ultimately, choosing a formation agent depends on individual business needs and priorities, and we always encourage readers to assess their unique circumstances and requirements when making their decision.

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What do people say about Seed Formations online?

Taken together, Seed Formations has an average rating of 3.67/5 across these three review platforms and a total of 588 reviews.

How much does Seed Formations cost?

Seed Formations packages start at £12.49 for The Seed package, and go up to £89.99 for the Non-Resident package, which includes additional services such as non-resident company formations and assistance with UK bank account setup.

How can I get in touch with Seed Formations?

To get in touch with Seed Formations, you can use the following contact information:

  • Website: Visit their official website at

  • Phone: Book a call back online, Whatsapp

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Office hours: 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday

  • Address: Find them on 2 Frederick St, London WC1X 0ND, UK

It's recommended to visit their website for the most up-to-date and accurate contact details.

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